Surgical Care for Female Urinary Incontinence Project (UIP)

Interviews with patients

This research study involves interviewing women who have been referred to gynaecology outpatient clinics about their experiences of urinary incontinence and the care they have received for this.

We would like to learn about women’s experience of urinary incontinence by exploring what impact this has had on their lives, the care they have received and their expectations of surgical and non-surgical treatments and their outcomes. We are particularly interested in those aspects which are most significant to patients themselves.

We are interviewing women who have been referred to particular urogynaecology outpatient clinics in different places in the UK. We want to speak to women with different types of urinary incontinence and who are of different ages. We are selecting interviewees on this basis to try and capture a range of the experiences that different women may have had.

The research interviews will be conducted by Rebecca Lynch. If you have questions about the interview study please contact Rebecca through


If you have been contacted about taking part in the interviews and are interested in participating please either return the expression of interest form you received or email Rebecca Lynch at providing a) a preferred means of contact, b) your age (so that we can ensure that we interview women of different age groups) and c) the study code on your expression of interest form (so that we can confirm you attended one of the clinics involved in the study). Once we have received your response, you will be contacted within six weeks to let you know whether you have or haven’t been selected to take part. 

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