Surgical Care for Female Urinary Incontinence Project (UIP)

Clinician case vignettes study

This research involves using hypothetical patients’ scenarios (often called “clinical case vignettes”) rather than actual patients’ data to gain insight into the trade-offs clinicians make when recommending surgical treatment to an individual patient. We are particularly interested in finding out the extent to which certain clinical and non-clinical characteristics of patients influence clinicians’ decisions when recommending surgery to female patients with UI. The study also involves examining how clinicians’ backgrounds might affect their decisions.

We are conducting an online survey using case vignettes on over 1,300 clinicians across the UK who are gynaecologists or urologists with a sub-specialist interest in female urology. Our sample frame involves all professional members of the British Society of Urogynaecology (BSUG) and we aim to capture data we can use to examine clinicians’ decisions across different geographical regions.binary-1071776__180

The online survey involving case vignettes will be conducted by Jil Mamza. If you have questions about this study please contact Jil through

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