Surgical Care for Female Urinary Incontinence Project (UIP)

National datasets evaluation

This research involves three main aspects. The first involves assessing existing national datasets from primary and secondary care and examining how accurate and complete the data on urinary incontinence are recorded to develop ways to make best use of these datasets. We are developing the framework for coding UI diagnosis and treatments based on an assessment of consistency, completeness and accuracy of existing codes used in hospitals.

The second aspect involves exploring the datasets to examine the factors that determine whether patients are referred to secondary care and whether they have surgical treatment. We are analysing anonymised patient data to determine what factors influence referrals from primary to secondary care.medical-563427__180

The third aspect involves investigating the variation in surgical treatments across localities in England. Building on the coding frameworks, we are examining differences in rates of surgery between NHS regions, clinical commissioning groups and other relevant regional units. We are assessing whether availability of secondary care services and other socio-economic factors may influence variation in rates of surgical treatments.

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